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The Altana del Motto Rosso Archery Center in Gattico-Veruno (NO)
in Piedmont it is the ideal place for those who love archery with its two 3D courses
a few minutes from Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta, one hour from Milan can be reached
comfortably even from Switzerland and France.
Spend your day with us having fun and relaxing in our woods,
even for a short time but just enough to recharge you!
We are open all year round!
One of the best in Italy for all archers

The Archery Center

In Piedmont the most famous in Italy
Archery trails
All year round
Destination for archers from all over Europe.
Two courses of 24 and 15 stations all in 3D suitable for everyone
Immersed in a large wooded area in contact with nature.
In all seasons.

since 2004
Nature and Leisure
Ista Fair 2021

Ista Fair 2021

La prima e la più importante Fiera del Tiro con l’arco in Italia si svolge qui da noi al Centro Arcieristico per informazioni visita il sito...

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Sports shooting with blowgun

Sports shooting with blowgun

As a weapon used by many populations over the centuries, from South America and also by Native Americans (Cherokee) With different names such as...

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In a vast hilly area of 850 hectares, among tall woods and fields planted with grass and wheat, lies the AFV of Gattico near Lake Maggiore and 60...

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Archery Parcours

Archery Parcours

From 2004 to the Archery Center the archer can access archery parcourses from 24 + 15 station with 3D target located in the wooded hill with...

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Gli Arcieri di Ishi

The Ishi Archery Company was born in 2009 from a group of archers who have already been together for several years with the mission of spreading instinctive and hunting shooting.