Sports shooting with blowgun

Sports shooting with blowgun

As a weapon used by many populations over the centuries, from South America and also by Native Americans (Cherokee)

With different names such as gravatana or sarabatana, in the Middle Ages it was used as an incendiary weapon, projecting the darts set on the war machines.

In Japan the blowgun was used in the past mainly for civil games and amusements but also for military purposes with appropriate precautions. Its use was passed on in some bujutsu schools.

Today it is used in tropical areas to obtain food from various indigenous peoples.
(Source Wikipedia)

Concentration, calm and breathing with movement of the abdominal and pectoral muscles, with consequent oxygenation of the body, makes this sport very relaxing and healthy.

The sport blowgun normally ranges from 24 “to 60” with a variable caliber

It is possible to participate in courses to learn the shooting technique and to be advised on the equipment to be used on the courses and on the plate

Competitions and competitions are also held throughout the year

The courses are accessible to shooters with their own equipment